Saturday, 4 June 2011

Back to Basics...

Right, this is it, no more yo-yoing, no more size 18 knickers, THIS IS IT!!

I was in my local library the other day looking through the cookbook section, looking for some Atkins/Low Carbohydrate recipes and came across one that looked quite exciting - at least from the back cover.

'Low Carb Cooking. So, meat for breakfast, meat for lunch and meat for dinner with a side helping of cream, right? Wrong. How about onion bhajias, sesame stirfried duck and a fabulously retro Black Forest Trifle for pudding? YES, Pudding! Here is the most ingenious, least diety food in the world - but eating this way has resulted in tens of thousands of women losing unbelievable amounts of weight.'

Yea right......then it said But you should get the diet book to get all the benefits (another marketing ploy thought I), another Yea Right! 

THEN I found the book on the shelf.......... and the rest I hope will be history :)

I sat down in the armchairs they now have in the library (cosseted, or what) and literally giggled for an hour, thinking 'THIS IS ME!'

Got home, read the whole book in a day and had an epiphany - it just seems such a natural way to eat, yes of course there are restrictions - hec I've a lot of weight to lose but long term it's a fabulous way to eat and I am now determined to get back to an ideal weight, lose any risk I may have from potential metabolic syndrome, reduce my cholesterol and feel fantastic again! Not toooo much to ask surely?

This gorgeous sounding diet is written by India Knight and Neris Thomas and is called 'Neris and India's Idiot-Proof Diet: From Pig to Twig'

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